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Ohreee is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform with a marketplace to help brands in growing economies scale their business while rewarding customers with incentives.

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We accept: Ethereum

Token Sale Progress

Softcap 5,000,000 USD Hardcap 40,000,000 USD

decentralised economy

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  • Modular structure enabling easy implementation for different softwares
  • Advanced payment and processing technologies, fine-tuned from more than 3 years of development testing
  • Unified AppStore for retail cryptocurrency solutions with a Crypterium products audience

About ICO


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Token Distribution

All the token related info available here. please read and buy our token using ETH

  • Name: Ethereum ERC20
  • Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC
Hard cap 24.000 ETH
Soft cap 4.000 ETH
Cost of 1 Token 0.00001 ETH
  • New Token emissions: Unavailable
  • Bonus system: Yes
  • Presale of Private Sale: Not held
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.01 ETH / No limit
  • Whitelist: No
Tokens Offered

40 Million Token

Blockchain Platform

Ethereum Mainnet



Distrbution of Tokens

5 Days After Token Sale Ends

Pre Sale

February 1 - February 28

ICO Phase I

March 1 - March 20

ICO Phase II

March 21 - April 9


April 10 - April 30

Buy Tokens

We accept : ETH only


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2018 Q3
Concept Generation

Initial thought process, business plan, strategic plan & minimum business team assembling

2018 Q4
Strategic Plan

Research & analyses, tech team assemble, whitepaper drafting with Ohreee token creation

2019 Q1
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Ohreee Partner system in operation, Decentralized wallet with upcoming ICO listing in Ohreee platform with growing partnerships with other Blockchain startups

2019 Q2
Ohreee Crowdfunding Platform Launch

Ability for upcoming ICO concept to launch crowdfunding via Ohreee eco system, product Enhancement and UAT Testing, Continued Partnerships, Continued Business TeamAssembling & Product Marketing.

2019 Q3
Airdrop, Bounty and Marketing Promotional Procedures Via Ohreee Eco System Launch

Community driven decentralized decision, Ohreee powered marketing strategy for upcoming ICO

2019 Q4
Ohreee Decentralized Exchange Beta Launch

Multi cryptocurrency exchange trading system with continued Partnerships & product Marketing

2020 Q1
Ohreee Decentralized Exchange In Production

Product Enhancement and UAT Testing with continued partnerships & product Marketing

2020 Q2
Ohreee Consortium System Launch

Ohreee powered consortium system to provide success strategy via aggregation of multiple ICO platforms.

2020 Q3
Ohreee R & D Center Opening

Ohreee offline and online community center with R & D center across the globe.


Frequency Asked Questions

  • What is Ohreee Network?

    A Decentralized Ohreee network to enable users to seek help during their tough situation like joblessness. Valid proof and honest appeal will be determined by distributed consensus among other peers of the network. "Help others to get help" is the main motto which is powered by Ohreee Blockchain Technology. To know more details kindly have a look on our Whitepaper.

  • What is the aim of Ohreee Network?

    Distress and tough situation is part of life when people looses his/her basic aminities. Being a part of Ohreee network will help to get rid of such kind of emergency situation

  • How do I benefit from Ohreee Network?

    Buying our token means you are joining to secure future in tough situations of your life. We will continously be working on new ideas and new technologies to better our partnership with you. There is no limit to where we can take Ohreee with the work we are willing to put in. Being involved in the early stages of this platform puts you in the best position for when we are fully operational.

  • How can we track progress of Ohreee Development?

    Follow us on any of the links provided on this page to see what we are up to, and how things are going. We will provide weekly updates on all available forms of social media.

  • How can I participate in Token Sale?

    You can join the Crowdsale by creating a new account on our website and participate by investing in one of our company Ohreee Network address via one of our accepted Ohreee Global Networkcurrencies.

  • What Ohreee Networkcurrencies can we use to purchase?

    You can use BTC, ETH or LTC Ohreee Networkcurrency.

  • How many tokens are available for ICO?

    40% of total supply is allocated for ICO sell. Total supply of tokens = 100 million. ICO sell allocation = 40 million.

  • What is ICO Token?

    An Initial Coin Offering, also commonly referred to as an ICO, is a fund raising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying Ohreee Global Network tokens in exchange for other popular Ohreee currencies.

  • Are there any restrictions?

    Sales are not allowed to places where there are regulations in place to prevent participation.

  • What will happens once the hard cap is reached?

    ICO will close once we successfully achieve our target hard cap. Please follow our Token and Fund distribution section to have an idea of Ohreee financial model.